The mission of the Granite Technical Institute is to support students in finding personal purpose, potential and a pathway to their future. This is accomplished by helping students achieve in their program and to move seamlessly to further training and employment. Efforts are being made to directly align critical academic subjects with career and technical education courses, thus promoting real-world application to academic theory in such areas as mathematics, science and English. In addition, articulation and collaboration with Salt Lake Community College and other post-secondary institutions is being enhanced in order to make the transition to further education easier for students. Clear pathways of training have been designed to support student growth from the 9th through the 12th grades. The Department of Career and Technical Education in Granite School District has a well-earned reputation for providing high- quality programs that are targeted at high-demand industries. To further this focus, The Granite Technical Institute offers courses in Health Science & Technology, Engineering, Information Technology, Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing, Culinary Arts, Aviation, Agriculture, Cosmetology/Barbering, and Home Building/Construction.

These are student websites submited for high school competition.

This game was creating by Alex Smith. He did the entire game using Java Script.

This is the Technical Design class taught by Mr. Scott

Scott Croft flew from London to New York in the flight simulator.

The Electronics class has a lot to show for themselves.

Web Development I class assignments.

The Freedom of Technology Club (FOTC) AND CTSO Competition Registration

Advanced Web development II class projects.

Plasmids activity process created for biology classes

Projects developed by Computer Programming 1 Students.

Projects developed by Advanced Computer Programming 2 Students.

Information Technology Projects

Teacher Lab