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Welcome to Message Board

MessageBoard is a fully dynamic content management system where users can create, modify, and delete articles stored in a database.

As a normal user, you can go to the portal which is where you view all the articles that you have written.
First, click on a category, then click on the article you would like to read.

As an administrator, you have the ability to create categories. Within those categories are articles than contain an image and the article itself

[+] To add a category, click "manage categories" and at the bottom of the page fill out the information and click "Add"

[-] To delete a category, click "manage categories" and click the green "delete category" button to the right of the category

[+] To edit an article, please first select the category the article is located in then click the 'edit' button next to it

[+] To add an article, click the blue 'Add Article' button at the bottom of the screen

[-] To delete an article, click 'edit' next to the article and click the red 'Delete Article' button an the bottom of the popup